Popayán is nestled in a valley between the Central and Western mountain ranges of the Andes. This placement gifts it a pleasant temperate climate, with a distinct coolness in the air that’s particularly refreshing in the evenings. The surrounding green mountains provide a stunning backdrop, adding to the sense of tranquility. In terms of local customs, the people of Popayán are known for their hospitality and deep-rooted traditions. They’re proud of their city’s history, visible in their meticulous preservation of the colonial architecture and their observance of religious and cultural festivities. Of particular note is the Holy Week processions, a deeply spiritual and aesthetically magnificent event that is considered one of the most beautiful in the entire Latin America. Popayán, the White City, is not just a destination, but an experience. An experience of history, culture, and a way of life that cherishes simplicity, warmth, and tradition. It’s an escape from the hustle of the modern world and a window into the soul of Colombia. For accommodation booking in Popayán, a variety of platforms can be used depending on your preferences and requirements. Some of the most popular and reliable ones include: Booking.com and Airbnb. If you’re looking for a more personalized experience, Airbnb provides the chance to rent a local’s apartment or home. This can offer a more authentic feel of the city’s lifestyle.

1.Take a Free Walking Tour of Popayán

One of the best ways to start this adventure is with one of Popayan’s free walking tours. Enthusiastic guides lead us through winding cobbled streets lined with historic buildings uniformly painted white. The tour offers an overview of the city’s rich heritage, punctuated with interesting anecdotes about the past.

2. Visit a Colonial Church

During our tour, we visited one of Popayan’s many colonial churches, typical symbols of the city’s deep-rooted Catholic faith. I was particularly drawn to the majestic Iglesia de San Francisco. I was struck by the intricate baroque architecture and ethereal serenity of the interior, marveling at the craftsmanship that has stood the test of time.

3. Sit and Enjoy Local Life in Parque Caldas

Between trips, I found a break at the Parque Caldas, a bustling public space where I got a taste of local life. I sat there for hours, absorbing the joyful laughter of families, the enthusiastic cries of street vendors, and the hum of the peaceful life that unfolded before me. The park is a kaleidoscope of everyday life in Popayan, full of color and vibrancy.

4. Climb the Pirámide El Morro

Another highlight is climbing the Pirámide El Morro, an iconic pyramid-shaped monument with panoramic views of the city. The climb is challenging, but reaching the top and enjoying the stunning views of Popayán in the valley makes every step worth it.

5. Take a Free Salsa Class in Popayán

In the spirit of immersing myself in the local culture, I decided to take free salsa lessons in Popayan. Although I was apprehensive at first, the enthusiasm of the teachers and my classmates put me at ease. The rhythm of the music and the camaraderie in the room made the experience unforgettable and I gained a new appreciation for this expressive dance form.

6. Cross the Old Bridge (Puente del Humilladero)

I cross the old bridge of Puente del Humilladero. Dating back to the 1800’s, this historic stone bridge is a story of labor, perseverance and faith. As I strolled along the bridge, the soft rustle of the Molino River below added an enchanting soundtrack to my walk.

7. Hike to the Three Crosses Hill

One of my last adventures was hiking to Three Crosses. A bit of a stretch, but more than enough to enjoy the view of the city under the mysterious twilight skies. The silhouettes of the three crosses in the setting sun are extremely profound, reflecting the spiritual core of the city.

8. See the Pueblito

Finally, no visit to Popayan would be complete without experiencing Pueblito Patojo, a miniature replica of the city. Here I get a bird’s-eye view of Popayan’s layout, where the white buildings stand in stark contrast to the lush green landscape.

The White City welcomed me with open arms, shared its story, and left a sense of peace and warmth in my heart. From insightful hikes, quiet moments of reflection in colonial churches, beats and rhythms of salsa dancing, to breathtaking vistas atop El Morro and the Three Crosses, every moment is Popayan’s soul snapshot. Every conversation, every smile, every mouthful of delicious street food among the locals is a testament to the city’s vibrant culture and enduring spirit. Walking through the ancient Puente del Humilladero, I felt connected to the past, while Pueblito Patojo offered a bird’s-eye view of the city, symbolizing the broader perspective I gained on life during my stay. In Popayan, I found more than just a city. I found a community full of life, warmth and a deep sense of history.

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